IATF16949 Certification

Quality Policy

  1. Customer Satisfaction 
  2. Total Quality Management 
  3. Innovation & Improvement 
  4. Employee Participation

Quality idea

We believe in consequence of the customer demanding that the constitute has existential value, the customer is the most important in our constitute operating, to fully understand what the customer demanding, to provide the variant dominator, friendly and fast service forwardly; to participate and conjugation with the customer quality activity to reach the customer and establish for the long term relationship. To output profession sufficiently and reveal the biggest complementary function to our customer, in addition, to raising competition advantage and constitute existential value.

To pervious the employee who has quality recognized consciousness and creativeness to establish communication unity and ability education, to try to get international quality system certification progressive and fully maintain the quality system implementation. On all employee training to promotion self, constitute upgrade direction, and progress made toward continual improvement spirits, to induct all the employee to take a greave of: Quality、 Cost、Speed、 Service to promote the constitute competition, to expect approaching 100% the customer satisfaction!

IATF16949Charng Huah has passed the strict automotive quality IATF16949. For automotive product s have passed professional testing equipment such as MSA, SPC, EMEA…etc. We also set up reliability laboratory test room to enhance quality reliability and reach the highest customer satisfaction.

Related information

  • IATF16949 Quality System bases on ISO 9000 quality management system and is an International Standard in automotive industry.
  • IATF16949 Quality System following increases work efficiency and effectiveness through the strategy of actively solving problem.
  • IATF16949 points out a good business controlling model emphasizing on continual improvement.

Five Core Implement

  • Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan
  • Production Part Approval Process
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
  • Measurement System Analysis
  • Statistical Process Control

Three Processing

  • Customer Orient Process
  • Management Process
  • Support Process

IATF16949 Processing Guiding Principle

  • Continuous improvement in supply chain management Quality improvement Productivity improvement Cost down
  • Emphasis on defect prevention SPC application Defects prevention measures
  • Variation and waste reduction Best inventory turnover rate and minimum inventory ensurance Quality Cost Not quality related external cost(waiting line,excessive transportation…etc)